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“The Medium is the Message.” – Marshall McLuhan

Tell It™ combines video, SoundSyncTM audio, and Web links to create stories and educational materials that enable any individual or group to watch, listen, interact, and learn in ways that bring stories to life and educational materials into focus.

With Tell It, everything is in sync.
Tell It revolutionizes storytelling. Read, watch, listen…all in sync! Tell It replaces e-book readers and video players with an integrated content solution.

Tell It is the first Visual Narrative™ App that synchronizes video, audio, and text with other digital media. Scroll the video and text scrolls along with it; scroll the text and the video stays in sync. Let the video or audio play and the synchronized text scrolls along with the words being said, just like closed captioning. The difference is, you can search this text, copy it to your Notepad, email it, bookmark the scene, and reach a deeper understanding of the Visual Narrative through your eyes, ears, and fingers.

Tell It transforms stories into Visual Narratives™ – collections of videos and presentations with synchronized text and other digital resources.  This Video-based, Time-based structure enables you to picture your world differently, and to always find the captured moment you’re looking for.

The words that you hear are synchronized with the text from the sound track.  Whether the story began as a training manual or DVD, a screenplay, an interview, a filmed documentary, a speech, a book, or an essay, Tell It synchronizes the spoken word with the written word and other content. Tell It always knows exactly where you are in the story, and SpotSyncs™ you right to that moment in the Narrative.

In The Telling sets the standard for Visual Narratives. In The Telling productions, Tell It Technologies, and In The Telling Press bring real stories to life, revolutionizing the art of storytelling.


Tell It for Education

Tell It Visual Narratives enable educators and students at all levels to achieve and surpass learning standards, while providing students with deep learning experiences that motivate and inspire.

Tell It for Sustainability

Tell It Visual Narratives tell your story powerfully. Tell It enables you to combine video, text, audio, animations, and other visual resources to create informative, inspirational, and effective presentations and targeted communications.

Tell It for Healthcare

Tell It Visual Narratives broaden the reach of healthcare organizations to enhance outreach, to enrich training, and to reach new markets.

Tell It for Professional Development

Organizations worldwide know the value of a highly effective professional workforce. Tell It Visual Narratives give organizations the ability to create and maintain professional training and development programs that meet the rigorous requirements of effectiveness, cost efficiency, and return on investment.

MacBook IconTell It 1.1 is available now from the App Store. Among its new features are powerful Media Management tools that put you in control of your content.

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