In the Telling


Visual Storytelling with a purpose – listening, learning in sync

Storytelling reinvented, re-imagined, revolutionized. Visual Narratives ™ enable you to get the whole story as you read, watch, listen…all in Sync! In The Telling sets the standard for Visual Narratives with depth and emotional impact. In The Telling Visual Narratives combine well-told stories with the best features of e-book readers and video, optimized for digital devices like an iPad or laptop. We specialize in providing turnkey solutions that capture true stories told with conviction by real people. 

 2011-05-04 at 9.22.45 PM
 2011-05-04 at 9.22.45 PM

Tell It™ transforms stories into Visual Narratives – collections of videos and presentations with synchronized text and other digital resources. This Video-based, Time-based structure enables you to picture your world differently, and to always find the captured moment you’re looking for. Scroll the video and text scrolls along with it; scroll the text and the video stays in sync. Text scrolls along with the words being said, just like closed captioning.

Powerful search, bookmarking, notes functions, web connections, commentary, and interactive tools enable you to reach a deeper understanding of the Visual Narrative through your eyes, ears, and fingers.

MacBook IconTell It 1.1 is available now from the App Store. Among its new features are powerful Media Management tools that put you in control of your content.

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